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Justin Theoux and Jennifer Aniston plan heist at New Line

Justin Theroux has inked a deal with New Line and Jerry Weintraub Productions to write and direct the Untitled Justin Theroux Comedy Project, with Jennifer Aniston on as a producing partner.

The plot for the comedy-heist film is being closely held under wraps.

Weintraub and Jill Arthur are also set to produce.

Aniston, featured in last summer’s “Horrible Bosses,” is producing many films in development, including “A Million Little Pieces” and “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.” Weintraub recently worked on “Ocean’s 13″ and has a remake of “The Wild Bunch” and a new “Tarzan” film on his slate.

Theroux, who is currently involved in a romantic relationship with Aniston, recently appeared in “Wanderlust” and penned “Iron Man 2,” as well as the upcoming “Rock of Ages”. He is also set to direct the “Zoolander” sequel. He is repped by CAA.

Aniston is repped by CAA and Brillstein Entertainment.

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